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About the Workplace Parking Scheme?

The Workplace Parking Scheme allows employees to save up to 52% of their parking costs. VSL offer access to discounted parking rates at the UK's leading car park providers.

Employers are able to provide car parking spaces for their employees, at or near to the workplace, without the employee paying any income tax or National Insurance on the cost of that space. The Scheme operates via salary sacrifice, which means the parking costs are first met by the employer but then recovered from the employee by way of deductions from their gross pay. This gives rise to income tax and National Insurance savings for the employee, as well as National Insurance savings for the employer.

The scheme lends itself perfectly to situations where employees are purchasing season tickets or permits. The scheme can also be used to good effect where employees currently make a contribution to their employer for use of a space.

"Ensure your employees make the most of their pay through salary sacrifice benefits!"

Great Savings!

As a company you can reduce your costs by implementing a workplace parking scheme. Typically you will save 13.8% on your employers National Insurance (NI). This will always be a saving in terms of cost, as our administration fee is significantly lower than this cost in every case. We give you straightforward solutions, the savings and costs are transparent

Easy Setup

Workplace parking scheme is easy because we offer complete set up support in the form of advice and guidance every step of the way. Once the system is in place we will supply you with marketing materials and information for your employees. Furthermore we will fully support your employees, 24 hours a day via our helpline and website.

Maintenance of your scheme is easy. We will provide you with statistics to show you how many people have joined the scheme, and how much money you are saving!

"As an employee you can reduce your parking costs...

...and maximise your salary!"

You can also achieve non-financial gains

As well as the financial gains you obtain by utilising a workplace parking scheme, you can also benefit from other indirect savings. It has been shown that implementation of salary sacrifice schemes such as the workplace parking scheme, is directly proportional to a reduction in staff turnover, and increased employee satisfaction.

Key benefits of the Workplace Parking Scheme

Here are some of the key benefits for an employer offering staff a Workplace Parking Scheme

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