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The Real Cost of Working

If you view your job as a business deal, you go to work to make money. To increase your income, you could try asking for a raise. The trouble is that's getting rather difficult these days. Luckily there's another way to increase your 'profit,' and that's to reduce your costs.

You could try looking at the cost of clothing, food and drink. These are real costs but they're mitigated by the fact that we need these things anyway, working or not. And beware of false economies. At work, your appearance matters, as does your wellbeing. These are factors that could influence your future career. Whatever you do, stay smart, maintain your energy levels and keep hydrated.

You go to work to make money...The trouble is that's getting rather difficult these days.

The greatest opportunities lie in travel and parking. For the majority, this is the main cost of work. It's also the area that's seen the most significant increase, driven by the cost of fuel.

Here are some suggestions ranging from leaving the car at home to joining a workplace parking scheme.

Walk to work if you can. It's good exercise, good for unwinding, and absolutely free. Don't worry about the weather. If it gets bad, get back in the car or on the bus – this won't happen too often.

Cycling is the next best thing. There's a capital outlay and maintenance cost but nothing compared to a motor vehicle. Just make sure there's a shower at work – especially in summer. Motorbikes and scooters are a good halfway point but, if you do decide to travel on two wheels, please be careful.

Public transport is no cheap option. Most people who run a car will find it economical to drive it to work anyway. It's only when you ditch the car (not literally) that the bus or train comes into its own. Many households have two cars however, do you really need two cars? Could one make way to public transport? And if you're already using public transport, does your journey involve two or more buses or trains? If so, consider substituting one of them for a walk or cycle ride.

If you must drive, car sharing is a rewarding experience in more than one way. Share your journey with one other person and that halves your fuel costs in an instant. It can also be a rewarding social experience. Think also about the positive impact it has on the environment.

Coupled with the cost of driving is the cost of parking. It might feel like car parks have you 'over a barrel.' Look into the possibility of a workplace parking scheme. This is where an employer pays the car park directly and deducts the cost from the employee's gross earnings. The outcome is you pay less tax.

It really is up to you but the best advice is to look at your travel costs first. That way you may be able to save money, stay healthier and help the environment.

Author: Eoin Olivers photo

Author: Eoin Oliver

Eoin Oliver is a web designer and blogger with six years of experience writing content and designing graphics for clients large and small. For the past three years Eoin has been focused on researching and writing about the childcare voucher scheme. When not hard at work, Eoin can be found in the company of his 4-legged companion Layla.

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